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Sign in to the NSU students' email (link)

Every student of every course of every NSU department has their own email address on the NSU's domain, which looks like: i.ivanov@g.nsu.ru.

At the moment of your matriculation an email was automatically created for you too, at the same time this email is an account at «the system of cooperative work of teachers and students».
This system includes itself an email service, a contacl list of teachers and students, a calendar, a chat, and more (in particular, you will have unlimited free disk space on Google Drive).

Why you need this email account is written here.

How can I sign in?

  1. Make sure, that you received a message with your university's login and password in your personal mailbox that you specified during the matriculation. If you didn't specify, then you have to go to 4221 room of the new campus of NSU, where you get your university account (you need an identification document there).
  2. Follow the link https://apps.google.com/user/hub
  3. Enter the credentials that you got and click «next».

Start to use «the system of cooperative work of teachers and students» now!

Answers to some questions about the system are on the following links:

If you have any troubles, write us to 4141@nsu.ru

Sign in to the NSU students' email (link)

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